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The Yorkshire Forager
A wild food survival Journey
by Alysia Vasey
Published by Headline May 2020
Buy Here  Available in all good bookshops, Amazon and Indies

A tale of two halves, I often get asked 'How did I end up picking weeds for a living' I always said it was a long story, It was, so I wrote a book. The first part is how I grew up foraging, or 'getting sommat for tea' as it was called before foraging was posh. Its a tale of how my Grandad taught me what he knew.  From having to survive in the forests of Poland, hiding from a brutal nazi regime that was determined to track him and his brother down. To coming to Britain and finding love, family and safety.  Its not straight forward this foraging lark, you spend half your time impaled on barbed wire or getting your unmentionables nettled. Its all our family knowledge and history of foraging, combined with some really good 'how and what to forage information' Its a book full of the trials and tribulations of countryside life and a book that needs passing down to younger generations.  Hopefully inspiring people to reconnect with nature more. A book of its time.

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