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Business Consultancy Services

Work with Alysia to open the doors you wouldn't normally have access to.


With an audience reach of over 40 million viewers and in excess of £12 million worth of coverage (Kantar 2018-2021) through her TV appearances, Magazine, Newspaper and Radio coverage,  Alysia Vasey has the kind of reach that hits all  the right buttons for brands looking to partner for specific demographics and key products. 

As a renowned botanical expert in food and drink, Alysia has firmly established that knowledge amongst Michelin starred chefs and has worked with Global brands on innovation and conceptualisation.  Alysia's depth of knowledge and cutting edge innovation has influenced culinary trends over the last ten years. 

Alysia, significantly brings her culinary and botanical expertise to mainstream audiences with regular appearances on James Martins Saturday Morning Show,  Ainsley Harriott's Good Mood Food show, This Morning with Holly and Phil. Countryfile, Autumn Diaries and her influence in the hospitality industry is extensive advising and consulting with Industry leaders on a regular basis. 

What can we do for you?       We can open doors, pure and simple. 

Drop Alysia a line and start a conversation.



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